Resort tripping

It's hot. The fan is on. Glasses of cold water and Coca-Cola Light. We're longing for a breeze. That breeze came but not the way we expected it. Its name? Resort 2014 collections.
Allow us to explain ourselves. 'Resort' was the name given to the special collections designed for rich ladies who wanted light clothes for their holidays. This caprice was so popular and "wardrobe-changing" that today such collections still exist and fill the gap between the winter and the spring collections. So, today, we went on holiday (mentally), thanks to Resort.
Here's our programme (read: our picks for the season): We spent our morning with Rochas. The sporty characteristics of the collection which were elegantly executed was the perfect way to start our day. After that, we walked by the sea in Chalayan's clean, light and gently white clothes. Later on, we caught up with Marni - bits of expertly tailored shorts and pants mixed with minimalistic romance and a look that reminded us of a nun we saw earlier. Giambattista Valli took us to Rome with its looks in black and red paisley print. In noon we rested. Our nap was short though; we had so much to do and we couldn't wait. We wanted romance and we got it from ErdemCarven and Bottega Venetta: in lace, in silk and in a dress of minimal fringes to-die-for, respectively. Then we noticed that the sun was going down, it was evening already. Christopher Kane talked to us about his love of science and how he incorporated that passion into clothes - lace that looked like three-dimensional web taken out of a computer. Christian Dior also had lace. But in its latest, and most modern interpretation, taken right from Monaco.Balenciaga was influenced by the 60's whose decade's features appeared in architectural clothes. At that point, the night's breeze was quite cool so we needed something to cover ourselves. So what was better than Alberta Ferreti's trench coat over her utterly Mediterranean dress? Maybe Antonio Maras' flower-y coats… Suddenly, the bell rang and it brought us back to reality. We were still in Athens and it was still hot. We went out for a drink with the events of the day in mind. It may have just been a dream but who cares?
P.S. And who could forget Lanvin's magnificently minimalist baroque?

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