The SU Alexander Brenner Architekten


      On a plot in a private villa at the edge of a forest in the south of Stuttgart , a villa was carefully designed to the smallest detail has been developed for an art lover and family her .
      From the plaza at the entrance to the site structure to a silver car on the lead through the garden with the pool and " light field " with its cobblestone floor entrance to the north .
After the entrance hallway large table placed beneath a two-story space and is illuminated by a skylight . The removable glass floor-to- ceiling open in the right corner on the terrace , so the inside than the outside combined with the roof in the summer months . The kitchen was designed as an eat-in kitchen . It operates either as a closed space or through wide sliding doors as part of the whole .
     A large , wide fireplace in the living area , has been planned as a safer place and intimate . A skylight in the full-width rear light cluster to send the paintings and wall sculptures .
     From the south office and work space a narrow staircase leading down sculpture studio . High near the sacral area , this two-story serves to present works of art - a passion for customer . Right next to a warehouse studio for artwork is attached . Most of the gardens include a pool and spa area .
      Part of the sauna and steam bath is an area that is introspective in tone keep warm reds and yellows all around. An indoor pool , on the other hand opens with a floor-to- ceiling glass on the lower west side of the garden .
      In the upstairs bedroom and all bathrooms are respectively arranged around the gallery . Master bedroom with fireplace , dressing room and bathroom was designed as a connectivity " private sector " . The insurance roofterrace , placed in front of the bedroom provides a broad perspective miles southwest .
     Even more spectacular is the view from the terrace above .
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