How do i mix a beauty outfit. it's easy for me. I often pick something like that, tops, pans, jeans... and to try on suitable with together. however, it formed right in my mind, and i don't difficult when mix a nice outfit.
      i can share some trick when i mix clothings. Colour accordant my skin and the form accordant my stature. About all orther, i'm comfort and confident when i wear it.
   This is my neighbour girl friend story. she's very simple.Today she wears a white shirt and black pans. so she wear shirt outside pans. I think it is not suitable for her, because she not tall and made to see a little more untidy. i suggest for her mix outfit like right picture. She so more beauty and so chic.
     This is my outfit i wear today
     Thank your for reading and keep smiling
     Jessi xxxx

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